Facial Pore Cleansing Massaging Brush
April 1, 2017
3 In 1 Electric Skin Care Facial Brush Set
April 1, 2017
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Facial Cleansing Brush System


  • INNOVATIVE SKINCARE DEVICE – Cleanse your face of all dirt, reduce pore size, erase fine lines, and exfoliate your skin with a single handheld device! The face cleaner and massager is your ticket to a healthier, acne free, beautiful skin.
    PERFECT FOR USE, STORAGE AND TRAVEL – It is approximately the size of the palm of your hand. The ergonomic design fits nicely in your hand. The narrow edge of the device is perfect for the area around your nose and makes it simple to effortlessly into areas like the side of the nose. It gets a bit deeper into the pores than using your hands, along with the circular motion of your hand and you get a facial massage at the same time you get a really good deep clean!
    RESTORE YOUR YOUTHFUL GLOW – High frequency sonic pulses allow the removal of dirt, oils and makeup residues. Low-frequency pulses boosts blood circulation in wrinkle-prone areas, increasing the production of collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity. face cleansing brush allows you to decide which treatment is best for your skin.
    SMART WIRELESS CHARGING – It uses the latest technology – wireless inductive charging,use when picked up,put it down to recharge.(Please charge fully when you use it for the first time)
    AMAZING GIFT FOR ANYONE – The silicon facial brush is suitable for all skin types no matter if you are a sensitive type or mixed type. Which means if you have a wife, girlfriend, sister, or a friend wanting a face massager for a great price! The packaging is beautifully wrapped inside and as a gift for anyone.