Long-lasting tan: secrets and myths to dispel

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March 29, 2017
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If it takes time and patience to get a perfect tan, often when you return home after the holidays, the tan tends to fade very quickly and often unevenly. To keep the tan for long, there are secrets: is it true that scrub and depilation remove the tan? Let’s find out together!

Healthy tanning for a long-lasting tan
The main secret to keeping along the tan is tanning gradually and correctly. A sudden tan like the one obtained with high pressure solar lamps is not very long lasting and tends to fade quickly. For a lasting tan, the secret is to use a protection suitable for your skin type to protect the skin from damage that could be caused by sunlight, keeping the skin soft and supple. It is not true, in fact, that the more protection is high the less the skin tans: even with the SPF 50, in fact, the skin becomes golden , but in contrast to the low protections it is protected.

Products and foods that prolong the tan
Another trick to prolong the effect of the tan is to moisturize the skin: the choice of the right product, however, is essential. In fact, it is not enough a normal moisturizer but you need a specific after sun which deeply nourishes the skin stressed by the sun’s rays and recovers the right balance of hydration. Many products have already been specially formulated to prolong the tan: they must be applied after exposure to the sun but also after a shower once they have returned from their holidays. This step will allow the skin to remain elastic, golden and soft. Even nutrition can help to prolong the tan: foods rich in beta-carotene like melon, apricot, spinach and broccoli in fact stimulate the production of melanin making the tan longer lasting.

Long-lasting tan: the myths to dispel
Among the myths to dispel are those that concern scrub or depilation. In fact it is often thought that they take away the tan: in reality it is not so. Both exposure and waxing remove only the dead cells of the first layer of the epidermis, but the tan resides in the last layer and is therefore not eliminated. On the contrary, after a scrub the skin will appear brighter and more homogeneous.