Keeping tanning and wellness: advice to return

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July 22, 2017
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December 14, 2017
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How to maintain suntan and wellbeing after the holidays and spend an autumn full of good mood? You need a series of small tricks, some trick to save and keep that will change your life (for the better!).

Let’s start from the basics, the tanned skin is beautiful, gives us a brightness of envy and it would be nice to be able to keep it, right? Well you can follow these five tips to keep your tan , they will change your life, guaranteed!

Keep tanning

If the basic tricks are not for you and you seek targeted advice to keep tanning and wellness, here are some gems not to be missed. These are simple and do-it-yourself tips. Some natural products will be necessary, some precautions and a little attention.

First of all, pay the utmost attention to the method of depilation that you choose for the winter, it can make the difference. Here a collection of tips for hair removal with tanned skin (painless!).

If you return your biggest problem is the dehydrated skin no worries … you’re not alone! Here a collection of flash remedies for re-entry to dry skin . These are small measures to be taken every day, the results are visible in less than 5 days. Here are some other tips on how to treat cracked and dehydrated skin .

If keeping tanning and wellness is at the top of your to-do list in winter, arm yourself with a lot of patience. Remember to vary your diet by adding foods rich in beta-carotene. Read these tips on how to stay tanned and happy on your return and do not miss the official tanning guide in the winter months .