How to maintain a tan for a long time: 7 tricks to follow to prolong the tan

Keeping tanning and wellness: advice to return
October 1, 2017
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Have you just returned from vacation and do not want to lose the tan obtained after hours of sun exposure? All of us want to keep a healthy and luminous color before returning to winter pallor: why not prolong the effect of sunbathing on the skin when you return from vacation? It would indeed be a shame to lose the tan in a short time that we have so hard to conquer. Here is how to keep the tan with useful tips to keep in mind to have a bronzed color longer.

How to maintain a tan: all useful tips
After putting into practice the good habits to prevent sunburn : how to avoid exposure to the sun during the hottest hours and prolonged, and thus get a nice tan, let’s see together what advice to follow to prolong the tan.

1. Proper nutrition and lots of water to hydrate the body from the inside
Nutrition helps to keep the tan :  if before the holidays you preferred foods like carrots and apricots to stimulate the melanin, it’s time to choose moisturizing foods like lettuce, radicchio, spinach, chicory but also tomatoes, pumpkin, melon, important peaches sources of beta-carotene which increases the antioxidant defenses of our body giving a golden color to the skin, thus intensifying the tan. Do not forget olive oil and dried fruit, to make the load of vitamin E. Very important then drink at least two liters of water a day to ensure the right level of hydration to the body. In this way we will also avoid the formation of unsightly spots, as well as preventing skin dryness and keeping it elastic.

2. Choose a shower instead of a bath tub and no too hot water
When you get back from your holidays, avoid the relaxing baths for a couple of weeks, preferring a fresh or lukewarm shower that keeps the skin more compact and elastic: the prolonged contact with hot water may cause a peeling that causes the separation of some areas of the skin, leaving spots on the body. Prefer moisturizing oils and gels instead of the classic bubble bath, in addition, to dry, choose soft towels and dabbed the wet skin instead of rubbing it, in order to avoid an exfoliating effect.

3. Skin hydration and exfoliation as fundamental steps
After the shower do not forget to moisturize the skin with after sun creams: the tan in fact fades because the surface layers of the skin are renewed eliminating dead cells, use a good after-sun after the first exposure helps to slow down the process of discoloration. As natural moisturisers, we prefer shea butter, which is also used in the morning and in the evening moisturizers based on hyaluronic acid. In case of particularly dry skin that tends to peel off, use an oil after bath to be applied to damp skin for a super-nourishing effect: the water helps to absorb it better so there is no risk of staining clothes or sheets.

If you notice that in some places the skin is peeling, then do a light scrub at least once a week to gently exfoliate the skin, thus eliminating the dead cells for a more uniform color: the scrub, in fact, does not remove the surface layers of skin, as the peeling does, but only makes the skin brighter, renewing its color. Remember to always rinse with cold or lukewarm water to avoid dehydrating the skin.

4. Avoid clothing that is too tight
Avoid clothing that is too tight : contrary to what you might think, clothing is important too. To avoid heavy and rough fabrics, as well as trousers and clothing that are too tight and clinging that could rub against the skin and create an unwanted exfoliating effect. Prefer fabrics and light clothes better if made of cotton or linen, at least until the first weeks of September or as long as time permits.

5. Exit and take advantage of the last rays of the sun
To keep your tan it is also important to take advantage of the last remnants of summer to keep a beautiful golden color: take advantage of the lunch break, during the weekends, make a run, then try to spend more time in the open air so that the rays of the sun can continue to stimulate melanin. It will take you twenty minutes a day to keep the color obtained at the sea.

6. Avoid the air conditioning
Although there may be hot and muggy days, stay away from the air conditioning which makes the environment dry and consequently promotes desquamation. If you work in the office or in shops where it is inevitable to stay away from the air conditioning, keep a multifunctional moisturizer handy to apply both on the face and on the body.

7. Do not use perfumes and products that contain alcohol
Avoid perfumes or products containing alcohol as much as possible: they could make your skin drier and cause stains or irritations that would ruin your tanned complexion. Instead, use scented water, creams that contain essential oils, at least until autumn, so as to perfume and moisturize the skin without drying it.