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March 29, 2017
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Have you just returned from vacation with a perfect tan and you want to make it last long without losing the golden color on your skin? Do not worry: here are the right remedies to avoid chapping, flaking and the secrets to make your tan last longer.

Hydration:  essential to avoid chapping and desquamation. In fact, it is important to moisturize the skin in order to keep it soft and velvety. In this way, the tan will last longer: among the ideal products there is the shea butter, nutritious and rich.
Feeding: as well as the right foods can favor the suntan, the correct feeding can make the tan last longer. Indispensable fruits and vegetables of yellow and orange color, red fruits and dried fruit.
Drink lots of water: drinking at least two liters of water a day helps maintain proper skin hydration . In fact, water helps the elasticity of the skin, keeping it young and hydrated.
No to perfumes: vaporizing the perfume could be a disadvantage for your skin. In fact, the alcohol contained in it could dry the skin, favoring desquamation. Instead of the classic perfume you can use water and scented creams, or apply the sweet almond oil which, in addition to perfuming the skin, gently moisturizes the skin.
The temperature of the water: if you take a bath or a shower with water that is too hot, you could accelerate the desquamation. The temperature too high in fact dries the skin that loses its tan. Prolonged baths should also be avoided.
Dry in the correct way: it is often underestimated, but drying properly is very important. If you use a rough towel rubbing it on the skin in fact, you risk to irritate the skin and promote desquamation. So it is better to use soft and soft cloths, dabbing them on the skin.
After sun: as sunscreen is essential for proper tanning, the after sun is very important to keep the tan for longer. It must be applied after every sun exposure, but you can also use it after the holidays; apply it morning and evening to moisturize your skin: it will make your skin soft and the ingredients contained in it will prolong your complexion.
Avoid air conditioning: the warm temperatures of the last summer days may tempt you to turn on the air conditioning. But be careful: the risk is to dry the skin in an excessive way making you lose the tan faster. So choose lowered windows and open windows.
Exfoliation: Contrary to what you think the scrub does not damage your tan. In fact, through exfoliation, you will only eliminate dead cells, making your skin softer and more hydrated.
Late summer sunbeams: take advantage of the lunch break or the day off from work to indulge in your tan. The last rays of sunshine can make your tan last longer. In case of bad weather you can resort, without exaggeration, to solar lamps.